Why Should You Adopt?

Open your heart and home to a pet in need. Adopting keeps pets off the streets, or in the hands of those who will do them harm. Adopting means so much to these dogs who have seen and been treated the worst.


The Application Process

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Fill Out an Application

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Other things to know...

Spaying and Neutering

Freedom Bound Hounds goes through SNIP Clinic for all our spay/neuters.


Adopter’s need to register their pet’s microchip at my24pet.com.

What some of our adopters have to say

We got our Freya from them! She was on death row at a kill shelter in Texas! We are so happy to have her! The adoption was a thoughtful yet easy process! They brought her to us! We love Freedom Bound Hounds!
Penny Friend
December 2019
We adopted a dog from them before we ever met her (she was on her way from Texas). I asked some questions about Cassie to see if she would work for us and she turned out exactly how Jenny described her. You can definitely trust their word when they describe each dog. We are very happy.
Joe Lawlor
March 2020
Amazing people helping those who need a second chance. Love them.
Rich Bohlmann
April 2020