Adopted – Not Available

Name Blaze
Type Dog
Breed Pit Bull Terrier
Gender Male
Age Adult
Color Brown / Chocolate
Size Medium
Status adopted
Attributes  Spayed Neutered    House Trained    Declawed    Special Needs    Shots Current &nbsp
Environment  Children    Dogs    Cats &nbsp
Blaze has been a very good boy and he has asked Santa for a family of his very own this year for Christmas, can you help find him? He is far and away the easiest dog to have ever existed. And when I say easy I mean EASY, this boy will even gladly sit and offer up paws for nail trims while holding perfectly still or let us dress him up in ridiculous clothes without flinching!

Blaze loves
?? napping all day on a cozy warm bed
?? any and all toys
?? snuggles and cuddles
?? children
?? female dogs
?? pretending to be a kitty by rubbing along walls/furniture and scratching his back on the carpet

No thanks
? male dogs
? kitties or pocket pets (small dogs okay)
? fireworks or similar sounds (thunder is okay surprisingly)

Blaze is fully house trained, no accidents here! He is 100% trustworthy home alone with free roam- your shoes, trash, or left-out forgotten snacks are safe because Blazey has impeccable manners and is a true gentleman. He doesn’t have a lot of worldly experience and lacks confidence so gentle reassurance and guidance will help him learn how to properly react in situations, he does whole heartedly accept treats as bribes for courage. He is a sneak thief when it comes to gardens and will plunder berries, apples, etc if they are in the yard so gardens will need protection from this little gremlin ?

Blazey is an adult pitbull/Staffordshire type dog, about 45lbs. He has been neutered, had a dental and a nasty fractured tooth/oral nasal fistula repaired, and is current on vaccines. He is low-medium low energy– generally spends his day sleeping but does get the zoomie bug for a few minutes a couple times a day, especially at meal times when he shows off some impressive dance moves. He is just an incredible dog who deserves the absolute BEST home where he will be spoiled and loved always ??
The first step is the application, please follow the link below to start: